Just because employees are grateful to have a job doesn’t prevent them from driving up costs by complaining. Nor does it guarantee that they will be productive or around when the job market improves. Then what? Go back to giving out more rewards and making employees engaged until the economy and budgets dip again?

It’s impossible for employers to keep pace with an employee’s insatiable demands to be made satisfied and engaged, unless they have unlimited budgets. We know that budgets are shrinking, so a new solution is required. We have the solution.
After years of dealing with uncertainties linked with disappearing jobs and shrinking rewards, workers are searching for something meaningful. Engaging their strengths to benefit their employer is not enough. What employees are searching for is career contentment, which is personal. If employees are not searching for this, they should be because it’s impossible for employers in any economy to keep all employees satisfied and engaged all the time. What were we thinking?

The first step to implementing this new solution involves scheduling one or two people from your organization to become certified as subject matter experts. This requires that they attend a three-day training event in Chicago, IL. Alternatively, you can arrange for group training to be conducted on your premises.

Career Contentment Certificate Training

This is our marquee course that prepares you to teach your employees how to achieve career contentment and to maintain it despite circumstances that can’t always be made satisfying or engaging. What your employees will learn is how to stop complaining about what they can’t have, and develop their resilience to persevere and self-motivation to perform by appreciating what they do have.

Target Audience:
The certificate course is ideally suited to individuals who are capable of assimilating the training content and delivering it back to their organization or to their clients. Ideally, participants should be responsible for training, talent management, organizational development, and/or human resources.

Course Agenda:
The course is delivered over a period of three-days, excluding time being devoted to pre-work and post-examination.

  • Day One: You will experience the actual training that you will deliver back to your employees. This includes classroom lecture and hands-on learning exercises that help you to understand what career contentment is, how it differs from job satisfaction, and how to achieve and maintain it despite circumstances that can’t always be made satisfying.

  • Day Two: You will analyze the principles, psychology, metrics and competencies of career contentment, and you will gain practical experience with tools, instruments and learning resources that are available to assist you when working with employees on this new topic. You will also develop an action plan for how to attract, motivate and retain employees by use of career contentment.

  • Day Three: You will refine your action plans and implementation strategies, and gain practical experience using the various career contentment training resources.
  • Benefits: Imagine a workforce that is self-motivated and naturally engaged by what they’re doing, not by what they’re given and could later be reduced or taken away due to circumstances no one can control. This is the idea of career contentment.

    By teaching your employees how to achieve career contentment, you’re not only enabling them to experience greater fulfillment in their own career, you’re laying the groundwork for their increased retention and productivity. And after employees have learned how to rise above their tendencies to complain, you’ll be spending less time and money continuing to fix the same problems every year that were caused by their complaints, including job stress, illness, absenteeism, turnover, apathy and poor performance.

    Reserve Your Seat for Individual / Coach Training:
    Enrollments are being scheduled for courses being offered during the third week of every month starting in June, 2009. Please contact us for pricing details and to reserve your seats.

    Supplemental Courses

    In addition to the marquee course, we are continuing to research, develop and offer innovative training events to support managers and organizations who want to further enhance the benefits of having a contented workforce. Here’s a sampling of what employers have to look forward to:

    Leading a Career Contentment Culture
    One Day: What should your executive team members know about career contentment, and how do they transform their give me more cultures? How should they demonstrate the principles of career contentment for the rest of the organization to follow? The answers are found in this eye-opening and engaging session.

    Career Coaching for Contentment
    One Day: You know how to recognize, satisfy, engage, involve and retain employees, but it’s impossible to make them content. Managers learn how to coach employees on how to leverage the 4 principles of career contentment to stop complaining and improve performance, self-motivation and resilience regardless of their circumstances. Gain practical experience with assessment tools and more than 300 coaching questions that inspire employees to transcend and grow from their challenges.

    Discern Calling and Meaningful Purposes
    One Day: Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing? This is the question every employee asks – at least once a month. The answer provides the key to their career contentment, which in turn is the key to their self-motivation to perform and resilience to persevere despite circumstances. Put an end to the doubts and help reassure employees that their most important purposes can be fulfilled.

    Career Flow Management
    One Day: How do employees decide which jobs to take, how long to stay, and where to go next? Managers who attend this event learn how to identify the three phases of an employee’s career flow and the three forces that are guaranteed to influence their decisions to stay or leave. Get ahead of an employee’s decision to leave and help guide them to a more fulfilling and productive career without them having to leave.

    Recruiting for Career Contentment
    Half Day: What are the competencies that demonstrate whether a job candidate has the potential for career contentment? Managers can find out by attending this course, and by gaining practical experience with interview questions for each competency. Most importantly, managers can learn how to explore a job candidate’s purposes for working, and to integrate those purposes with the organization’s purposes. 

    The Employment Mindset
    Half Day (open enrollment): How is it that some people seem to attract the right jobs at the right time? Why is it that other people feel inspired to help these people make the right contacts? It’s not the resume that makes this happen, or even networking. It’s the contented mindset a jobseeker functions with that brings life to these tools and causes the serendipity that results in the job finding them. In this session, participants learn how to reduce the time it takes to find a job, and they discover the secret to making themselves irresistible by demonstrating the unwritten and unspoken etiquette that employers use in evaluating a jobseeker’s chemistry and fit.

    Become Licensed To Provide Career Contentment Training or Coaching
    Click here if you are a training provider, performance consultant or coach who may be interested in expanding your offerings by providing consulting, training or workshops on the topic of career contentment, please contact us for information on licensing opportunities that your students, clients or customers will value.

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