Self Assess Your Career Contentment

For each question, please enter the number (1 to 6) into the blue column that indicates your level of agreement with each statement. Your scores can be found at the bottom of the page.

1 = Strongly Disagree 4 = Slightly Agree
2 = Disagree 5 = Agree
3 = Slightly Disagree 6 = Strongly Agree
A. If you scored 45 or higher you have career contentment. The challenge is to maintain this score as the other scores go out of range.  0 
B. If you scored below 40 your expectations are not being fulfilled. Work on improving resilience to rise above unfavorable circumstances.  0 
C. If you scored above 30 your expectations are not being fulfilled. Stop complaining, improve resilience, or it may be time for a new job.  0 
D. If you scored above 30 devote time to clarifying your career goals and discern whether you are in the right job or should be elsewhere.  0 
Career contentment can be recognized in jobs that you believe are worth fighting for, for whatever purpose you choose. Your scores can be improved by your willingness to flex how you think in order to rise above your circumstances. This is not a precise measurement, but a guideline to understand where certain improvement may make a difference.

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