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Career Contentment Radio is currently on a sabbatical until we get our new training programs into the hands of employers and trainers who need them.

In the meantime, you are welcome to listen and download our broadcasts that were made with some the world’s leading thought leaders. All you need to do is access the program archives which can be found on this website.

Career Contentment Program Archives

These programs provide a testament to the significance of career contentment. During these broadcasts, you will hear some of the best and brightest minds in the world talking about this important new topic. We invite you to listen and download as many of these programs as you like for free. If you have difficulties, please send us an email.
Program Summaries:

Podcast 1: "The Positive Psychology of Career Contentment" with guest speaker Christopher Peterson one of the world's most-frequently cited psychologists during the past 20 years.

Podcast 2: “A Whole New Mind For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Dan Pink, best selling author of A Whole New Mind and Free Agent Nation.

Podcast 3: “Whistling While You Work - Be Happy” with guest speaker Jimmy DeMesa, physician, author, speaker, former partner with Anthony Robbins, and CEO of a biotechnology company and medical education company.

Podcast 4: “Attract Quantum Success and Career Contentment” with guest speaker Sandra Ann Taylor, International motivational speaker and New York Times best selling author of Quantum Success and Secrets of Attraction: Universal Laws of Love, Sex and Romance.

Podcast 5: “Career Contentment Even If The World Says No" with guest speaker Dr. Fern Kazlow, author and licensed clinical psychotherapist to leading Wall Street power brokers.

Podcast 6: “Career Contentment For A Contingency World” with guest speaker Bernadette Kenny, Chief Career Officer for Adecco North America, one of the largest and most respected leaders within the staffing industry.

Podcast 7: “Resiliency To Endure For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Dr. Richard G. Petty, a specialist in internal medicine, endocrinology and psychiatry

Podcast 8: “The Human Capital Strategy For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Dr. Brad Hall, an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and author whose company assists organizations in building a systematic approach for improvements in human capital.

Podcast 9: “The Passion And Paycheck For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Dr. Serena Williamson, a former therapist and teacher who today is a coach, consultant and motivational speaker specialized in leadership, organizational effectiveness, team building and change management.

Podcast 10: “Resiliency Resolutions For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Richard G. Petty, MD, a renowned speaker and a best selling author of the highly acclaimed book and CD series, Healing, Meaning and Purpose.

Podcast 11: “Find Your Calling For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Phyllis Cunningham, a Fulbright Scholar, gifted coach and author of two books soon to be published titled, Destiny Mapping for Authors and What to do When Love Hurts. Her business,

Podcast 12: “Work The System For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Sam Carpenter, the mastermind of life and work made pleasurable through organization and self-discipline.

Podcast 13: “Working Couples and Career Contentment” with guest speaker Dr. Kathy Marshack, Licensed Psychologist, Family Business Coach, columnist, speaker and author of several books including Entrepreneurial Couples: Making It Work at Work and at Home.

Podcast 14: “Career Coaching for Career Contentment” with guest speaker Marcia Bench a former attorney and corporate executive who for the last twenty years has specialized in career education and coaching.

Podcast 15: “Expert Panel Discusses The Book, Career Contentment” On this program, a panel of leading experts will discuss the new ASTD book, Career Contentment: Don’t Settle For Anything Less.

Podcast 16: “Invisible Hand For Career Contentment" with guest speaker Karren Alexander is a motivational speaker, life coach and author of the new book, Invisible Hand: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges.

Podcast 17: “Overcoming Challenges For Contentment” with guest speaker Dr. Rick Jarow, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Vassar College and author of seven major books, including Creating The Work You Love and the Ultimate Anti-Career Guide which have become standards in the field of career counseling

Podcast 18: “Emotional Endurance For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Suzanne Mulvehill, author and creator of the award winning training program, Emotional Endurance, which she has delivered to thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.

Podcast 19: “Shift Your Perspectives For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Dr. Uma Gupta, a widely-sought after motivational speaker, global business consultant, and author of two books on information technology.

Podcast 20: “Transcendence To Career Contentment. - Coming Soon

Podcast 21: “Navigating Challenges For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Lynne Eisaguirre, a former employment attorney and author of six books, including Stop Pissing Me Off! What to Do When the People You Work With Drive You Crazy and The Power of a Good Fight: How to Embrace Conflict to Drive Creativity, Productivity and Innovation.

Podcast 22: “Career Contentment In The Home Office” with guest speaker Jeff Landers, author of The Home Office From Hell Cure.

Podcast 23: “Employer Motivation for Career Contentment” with guest speaker Chester Elton, the "apostle of appreciation." Chester is a motivation expert, popular International speaker, New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling co-author of several leadership books, including: The Carrot Principle, The 24-Carrot Manager and The Invisible Employee.

Podcast 24: “Increase Your Peace And Pleasure While Working” with guest speaker Dr. Brad Nelson, a physician and author of the amazing new book and seminar series, The Emotion Code.

Podcast 25: “What Your Body Language Says About You” with guest speaker Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman, a change-management specialist, executive coach and author of ten business books, including "This Isn't the Company I Joined: How to Lead in a Business turned Upside Down," "The Human Side of High-Tech," and "Ghost Story," a business fable about the power of collaboration.

Podcast 26: “Your Strengths For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Jenifer Fox, president of the Purnell School, author of the critically acclaimed book, Your Child's Strengths, the award-winning strengths-based curriculum, The Affinities Program.

Podcast 27: “Raising The Bar For Career Contentment” with guest speaker Michelle Filicicchia, President of Raise The Bar Performance Consulting Services.

Podcast 28: “How To Rise Above and Beyond Job Dissatisfaction” with guest speaker Dr. Ravi Rao, MD and PhD whose background includes neurosurgery and research in emotional development which he leverages to consult with leaders, teams, small groups and organizations on matters related to transcendence in making meaningful connections, conflict resolution and organization design.

Podcast 29: “Better Career Decisions Based On Intuition” with guest speaker Donna Seebo, an award winning author, International mental practitioner, minister, speaker and renowned radio and TV personality who has devoted her life, intuition skills and psychic abilities to empowering and counseling people through their life and career challenges.

Podcast 30: “Living The Good Life on a Teacher’s Salary” with guest speaker Danny Kofke. Danny has a passion for teaching special education students. He’s also author of How To Survive (and perhaps thrive) On A Teacher's Salary.

Podcast 31: “Using The Right Words To Bring Joy To Your Life and Career” with guest speaker Yvonne Oswald, a PhD candidate in clinical hypnosis who has a background in Neurolinguistic Programming and Time-Line Therapy.

Podcast 32: “Lighten Up And Learn To Live Better” with guest speaker Norm Bouchard, a motivational speaker, lifestyle humorist and expert on the human condition.

Podcast 33: “New Standards for Best Employers” with guest speaker Andy Savitz, an attorney, business leader, and internationally known expert and adviser on corporate social responsibility and sustainability, and he is coauthor of the bestselling book, The Triple Bottom Line: How the Best Run Companies are Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Success - and How You Can Too.

Podcast 34: “Put Your Heart Back Into Working” with guest speaker Dr. Richard Chang, CEO of Richard Chang Associates, an international performance improvement consulting, training, and publishing firm.

Podcast 35: “HR In The 21st Century” with guest speaker Marc Effron, VP of Talent Management for Avon Products in New York City, and founder of the new Talent Management Network which today includes several hundred members, and is still growing.

Podcast 36: “Should Succession Management Be Secret?” - Coming Soon

Podcast 37: “Measuring the Intangible Assets of People & Talent.” - Coming Soon